Australia’s R&D spend too low to fund future climate change technology breakthroughs: experts

The Canberra Times, 19 November, 2021

Expert commentary on the lack of R&D funding in Australia by Prof Andrew Blakers, Prof Frank Jotzo, Prof Lachlan Blackhall (pictured in the Distributed Energy Resources Lab at ANU) and Prof Mark Howden.

Lachlan Blackhall in the DERlab
A spark for the future

Opinion piece by Prof Lachlan Blackhall, Daily Telegraph, 5 November, 2021

The world is watching and waiting in anticipation as global leaders gather in Glasgow for  COP26, in the hope that international governments will agree actionable commitments that start to achieve rapid and sustained decarbonisation over the decades ahead.

Powerlines across hills
The rubber hits the road for Australia’s largest electric bus fleet project

BSGIP news story, 21 October, 2021

A new pilot project set to drive down emissions in public transport and heavy transport has today been announced. The $36 million project will consist of Australia’s largest electric bus fleet (40 buses), charging infrastructure and a retrofitted bus depot in Leichhardt, Sydney.

Electric bus
Local network pricing and community storage a powerful combo

Ecogeneration article featuring by Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, 15 October, 2021

If networks could charge for localised use of their service, all customers in areas with high PV and community-scale batteries would pay lower bills … with no cost to the network, research shows.

Community battery with woman and dog in the foreground
Many rooftop solar investors are feeling ripped off. Could battery subsidies solve the problem?

ABC online article featuring expert commentary by Professor Lachlan Blackhall, 30 September, 2021

Some solar owners are being told they can’t export power to the grid or are being hit with solar export limits due to fears the network can’t cope, meaning their excess clean energy is essentially being wasted.

Men carrying a battery
The power flow tech revolutionising solar

30 August, 2021

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) TechNow podcast (20 mins) featuring Prof Lachlan Blackhall and Dr Elizabeth Ratnam.

ATSE podcast advertisement
The grid: powering the future

10 August, 2021

ABC TV Catalyst program featuring Dr Bjorn Sturmberg.

Catalyst episode advertisement
Energy stored in electric car batteries could power your home or stabilise the grid – and save you money

10 August, 2021

ABC online news story featuring Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, Dr Kat Lucas-Healey and the Realising Electric Vehicles-to-grid Services (REVS) project.

Southcoast microgrid project energised with 3.125M in funding

5 August, 2021

BSGIP and partners are delighted by news of successful project funding for a microgrid feasibility project for the Eurobodalla region. 

Bingie Beach
FIRE! … the tiny triggers that can send lithium-ion batteries up in flames

Ecogeneration, 3 August, 2021

Expert commentary by Associate Professor Alexey Glushenkov.

Complicated, costly and downright frustrating: Aussies keen to cut emissions with clean energy at home get little support

The Conversation, 3 August, 2021

Research, by Hugo Temby and Hedda Ransan-Cooper, into customer experiences with new energy technologies.

Rooftop solar
You want to do what with my EV? Turning cars into batteries on wheels

The Fifth Estate, 29 July, 2021

Vehicle-to-grid technology can turn electric cars into energy storage when the owners are not using them. EV industry researcher, Kat Lucas-Healey asks if the system is as good in reality as it sounds on paper.

Kathryn Lucas-Healey
Algorithms are driving the digitisation of our energy system – we must design them responsibly

Blog post by Marnie Shaw, 23 July, 2021

This ‘story’ behind the paper’ originally accompanied a paper published in Nature Energy – Applying responsible algorithm design to neighbourhood-scale batteries in Australia.

Binary code concept pattern
Lab launch gives new energy to our renewables future

ANU Press Release, 13 July, 2021

The Distributed Energy Resources Laboratory was officially opened by Andrew Barr, Chief Minister, ACT Government, heralding in a new age in the energy transition.

Andrew Barr, Chief Minister, ACT Government
Check your mirrors: 3 things rooftop solar can teach us about Australia’s electric car rollout

The Conversation, 10 June, 2021

Australia’s world-leading rollout of rooftop solar can help guide the country’s transition to electric vehicles. Article by Bjorn Sturmberg, Kat Lucas-Healey, Laura Jones and Mejbaul Haque. 

Rooftop solar and cars in parking lot
Powering ahead with community batteries

ANU Press Release, 1 June, 2021

ANU press release into BSGIP community battery research led by Dr Marnie Shaw & Dr Hedda Ransan-Cooper.

Port Kennedy community battery
BSGIP announces partnership in Melbourne ‘Solar Sponge’ community battery trial

28 May, 2021

BSGIP research into community-scale batteries is set to be applied in the Melbourne CBD thanks to a three-way partnership between BSGIP, the Yarra Energy Foundation and electricity network Citipower.

Family in front of a community battery
Explainer: When can I charge my house from my EV?

One Step off the Grid, 26 May, 2021

Dr Kat Lucas Healey explains the Realising Electric Vehicle-to-grid Services (REVS) project.

Nissan vehicle-to-grid technology

Nissan video, 29 April, 2021

This video features the Realising Electric Vehicle-to-grid Services (REVS) project.

Bjorn Sturmberg
What’s the role of community batteries in the climate emergency?

Yarra City Council webinar recording, 8 April, 2021

Learn how community batteries will have a role to play in responding to the climate emergency. Featuring Dr Marnie Shaw.

Community Batteries webinar coverpage
Community batteries: what are they, and how could they help Australian energy consumers?

The Guardian, 5 April, 2021

Professor Lachlan Blackhall, Head, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, spoke to The Guardian about the financial prospects of community battery projects.

Rooftops with solar panels
Should solar owners pay to supply the grid, or are there other options?

ABC Science online, 30 March, 2021

Dr Marnie Shaw provides expert commentary on the challenges and opportunities associated with the influx of rooftop solar entering the electricity system.

Solar panels on house roof
Solar eclipse, and can EVs really provide storage on wheels?

Energy Insiders Podcast, 19 March, 2021

Senior analyst with the REVS project, Laura Jones, talks EVs, V2G, V2X & various other V2s in this interview (starts at approx 11.30 mins).

Electric vehicle charging - close-up
Making EVs a grid asset – an Australian case study

Supergen Smart Charging Webinar, 13 March, 2021

REVS researchers Laura Jones and Kathryn Lucas-Healey describe how vehicles are being integrated into the Australian power system through vehicle-to-grid technology.

Supergen Smart Charging webinar screen grab
International review of vehicle-to-grid technology

ARENA Insights Spotlight, February 2021 

In this interview, Dr Bjorn Sturmberg discusses ‘The A to Z of V2G’ report, which provides a comprehensive review of international V2G projects, exploring the benefits and challenges of V2G technology.

REVS logo
Empowering DER through dynamic operating envelopes

Professor Lachlan Blackhall, Utility Magazine, 24 February 2021

Dynamic operating envelopes are one important way to enable greater hosting capacity for solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicles in the electricity grid.

Sun shining on solar panels
Take a virtual tour of the Battery Lab

You Tube video, 18 February 2021

The Battery Materials and Energy Storage Laboratory was officially unveiled via an online event on 16 February 2021. View the video of the lab shown at the event here.

How big batteries are a boon for regional Australia

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, Canberra Times, 25 January 2021

Recent announcements that two big batteries will be built at coal-fired power stations in NSW are great news for the energy system and regional communities across Australia.

Hornsdale Power Reserve
The trouble with big targets…it’s exports versus the NEM

Ecogeneration, 18 January 2021

Report on the opportunities Australia has to export clean energy and what it could mean for the National Electricity Market. Featuring commentary by Dr Bjorn Sturmberg.

A series of bullseye targets
Largest battery in Australia to be built at ageing NSW coal-fired power plant

ABC online news article featuring expert commentary by Dr Marnie Shaw, 13 January 2021

An energy provider’s plan to build Australia’s largest battery is the latest development in a quickly transitioning energy market.

The electric vehicle revolution is coming, so let’s get prepared

By Sarah Wilson, 22 December 2020

If interviews with owners of electric vehicles (EVs) have revealed one clear message, it is that once people buy an EV, going back to a petrol or diesel vehicle is highly unlikely. EVs are fun, fast and fabulous. 

EV road sign
The driving force behind REVS (Realising Electric Vehicles-to-grid Services)

By Sarah Wilson, 21 December 2020

A bold initiative of the ACT Government, to electrify their fleet of vehicles, has grown into a world-leading research and demonstration project that is setting the scene for large-scale adoption of vehicle-to-grid technology in Australia.

Power supply connected to electric vehicle
“Everyone’s a winner”: PICA Group secures Australian-first strata solar electricity deal

The Fifth Estate article featuring expert commentary by Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, 14 December 2020

An electricity deal struck for both the good of the planet and thousands of residential tenants has been labelled a win-win by academics.

Residential building
Funding boost for Battery Lab

26 November 2020

Researchers at the Battery Materials and Energy Storage Laboratory (Battery Lab) have been awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery grant valued at $420,000 over three years. 

Batteries in the burbs: exploring the potential

By Lachlan Blackhall, 24 November 2020

A team at the Australian National University has undertaken a significant project to explore the potential benefits of community batteries, as well as the attitudes of residents towards them. 

Students pointing at rooftop solar
Householders making Australia a DER superpower

By Sarah Wilson, 20 November 2020

Australia is on track to have the most decentralised electricity network in the world, overtaking Germany for top position in coming years. It is the adoption not only of solar PV but also a range of technologies collectively referred to as Distributed Energy Resources (DER) that is responsible for our status as a DER superpower. 

Rooftops with solar panels
Dynamic operating envelopes: what are they and why are they so important?

By Sarah Wilson, 9 November 2020

BSGIP recently published a report that delves into the calculation and use of dynamic operating envelopes, a mechanism central to the evolve project.

ACT’s big battery pledge is a step forward

By Dr Björn Sturmberg, The Canberra Times, 2 October 2020

This week, ACT Labor proposed a network of large batteries in the territory that will have a total capacity of 250 megawatts. That’s two-thirds larger than the world’s current largest battery, which is in South Australia, and may well be amongst the top 50 by the time it’s completed.

Hornsdale Power Reserve
Position vacant: Research Fellow/Fellow

ANU Job Description, 28 September 2020

An electrical engineering position is now available within the Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program. The successful applicant will be working on power systems/power electronics for electric vehicles, batteries & grid integration  

The power of battery storage recharged with cash splash

ANU Press Release, 15 September 2020

Research to better unlock the potential of battery technologies has been given a vital funding boost as part of the latest round of the Australian Capital Territory’s renewable energy reverse auction.

Batteries and wind turbines
Making solar + batteries work for all

PV Magazine article with Dr Lachlan Blackhall, 3 August 2020

Trials of large-scale battery capabilities in Australia are showing great promise; behind the meter, households are buying into state-based battery programs and subsidies. Here, ANU’s Dr Lachlan Blackhall talks about the exciting potential for mid-scale community battery storage, future EV storage capacity, and more.

Potential for new-era data services from consumer electricity devices

By Wattwatchers Team, 22 July 2020

Opportunities to capture and use energy data from intelligent, distributed devices installed in homes and enterprises have been explored in research reports commissioned by Wattwatchers Digital Energy.

Owners of electric vehicles to be paid to plug into the grid to help avoid blackouts

By Dr Björn Sturmberg, The Conversation, 8 July 2020

The newly launched Realising Electric Vehicle-to-grid Services project (REVS) will see owners paid to plug their electric vehicles into the national electricity grid. In exchange, the vehicles will allow the national grid operator to draw upon their batteries in the rare moments that the grid is on the brink of a blackout.

Man charging an electric vehicle
Electric vehicle fleets set to be on-call to back-up the grid

ANU Press Release, 8 July 2020

A team from The Australian National University will lead research into how electric vehicles (EVs) can support our energy grids.The EVs will act to prevent blackouts and the researchers say that if all of Australia’s vehicles went electric they would provide more power than five Snowy Hydro 2.0s.

Row of Nissan Leaf cars
Shared community battery may be trialled in solar-powered Canberra suburb to stabilise energy supply

ABC News article featuring expert commentary by Dr Marnie Shaw, 5 June 2020

Australia is home to the planet’s biggest battery. It is also the world’s leading market for household batteries. But Canberra researchers suggest medium-sized batteries — shared between several hundred homes — could be just as crucial for the energy grid’s future.

Solar panels on house rooftops
COVID-19, climate change and the value of experts

By Dr Lachlan Blackhall, 19 May 2020

The last six months have been tumultuous for all Australians. We have experienced the destructive fury of an unprecedented bushfire season and are now facing a global pandemic. COVID-19, and our collective response to it, is causing significant social and economic upheaval. Thankfully, our timely and collective response has likely averted a catastrophe in Australia.

Elderly couple walking past a social distancing sign
Citizens required to power community batteries

By Marion Rae, Australian Energy Daily, 15 May 2020

Community battery storage isn’t just an engineering and development puzzle for regulators and town planners, it’s a social challenge, according to researchers from the Australian National University.

Storage comes to calm the market

Ecogeneration article featuring expert commentary by Dr Björn Sturmberg, 11 May 2020

Energy storage is a mandatory inclusion in a grid supplied by unpredictable wind and solar. As costs continue to fall more of these important assets are lining up to connect.

Energy storage facility
Microgrids: how to keep the power on when disaster hits

By Dr Björn Sturmberg, The Conversation, 11 February 2020

Decentralised ‘microgrids’ with many local and small-scale generators, interconnected but able to operate independently when necessary can help make the electricity grid more resilient in times of disaster.

Our future: a new electricity grid for a new climate era

By Dr Björn Sturmberg, The Canberra Times, 3 February 2020

As our government looks for solutions to address climate change, investing in microgrids and transmission lines are obvious starting points.

Australia must declare World War Zero on carbon emissions

By Dr Björn Sturmberg, The Canberra Times, 15 January 2020

No longer are the consequences of our actions far away in time or space. The nightmarish future we were long warned about has arrived and is staring us in the face along firefronts thousands of kilometres long and 70 metres high.

New lab to help drive Australia’s low carbon energy future

Australian National University Press Release, 4 September 2019

Australia’s low carbon energy system of tomorrow will be given a vital spark thanks to a new million-dollar laboratory to be built at the ANU.The Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Lab comes with $1.5 million in ACT Government funding.
Australian National University Entrepreneurial Fellow inaugural address

11 July 2019

Dr Lachlan Backhall, head of the Battery Storage Grid Integration Program presented the 2019 Entrepreneurial Fellow Inaugural address.

Welcome investment in future energy grid

Australian National University Press Release, 13 February 2019

The Australian and New South Wales governments have invested $7 million in a project that aims to develop new ways to operate the existing energy grid. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency and NSW government have invested in the evolve project, a consortium of nine partners led by software development company Zepben and The Australian National University.

Batteries, solar panels and wind turbines
Green is the new black: how renewables and storage will replace coal

By Dr Lachlan Blackhall, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 November 2018

While one end of Australia’s political spectrum ramps up plans to underwrite new coal fired power stations, there is now have a competing policy agenda that positions renewable energy and battery storage as key pillars of Australia’s energy system.

ANU announces new leader of battery storage program

Australian National University Press Release, 6 April 2018

The ANU has announced the appointment of Dr Lachlan Blackhall to lead an $8M international research program to improve ways to integrate battery storage with the electricity grid.