The Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program (BSGIP) is undertaking research into battery materials and the development, integration, operation and optimisation of energy storage in electricity grids and electricity markets globally.

Research Themes

BSGIP research activities are categorised into the following four themes:

Designing, building and characterising new battery storage devices, based on a fundamental understanding of different chemical and material behaviours. Exploring opportunities for battery recycling, reuse and failure analysis based on characterisation capabilities.

Progressing the state-of-the-art in modelling and analysis to understand the behaviour and performance of energy systems that are characterised by a high penetration of renewable and distributed generation and storage. This theme also captures how we model and analyse multi-energy systems characterised by significant coupling between sectors including Electricity, Transport, Building, Industry and Land and Agriculture.

Developing new capabilities, algorithms and systems that allow for the effective optimisation, control, coordination and orchestration of multi-energy systems.

Undertaking social research and designing and implementing policy, economic and market models that provide new understanding and support the deployment of new capabilities, systems and technologies that will enable the global energy transition.