Hornsdale Power Station
Hornsdale Power Station, South Australia. Photo credit: Neoen

Project Overview

Duration: 2022 – 2023 (18 months)

Budget: $225,000

Contact: Dr Marnie Shaw, Research Lead, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, ANU. Email: marnie.shaw@anu.edu.au 

Partner: Neoen Australia

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ANU press release

Energy storage will enable Australia’s transition to a grid powered by renewables. There are now 10 grid-scale batteries operating in Australia, with a further 41 in development. This project is investigating the services grid-scale batteries can provide, including energy shifting, frequency support and grid congestion relief. BSGIP is analysing the impact grid-scale batteries have had so far, with the goal of understanding whether these batteries are being installed where and how they are needed. Ultimately, this work will inform the policies and markets required to promote the installation and operation of grid-scale batteries in a way that best supports Australia’s energy transition.