Solar farm with workers

31 August 2022

The race to create zero carbon economies is heating up dramatically in 2022. This is a race to not only secure a safe climate but also to secure prosperity in this century’s global economy.

Australia has finally clocked that this is, in fact, a race, and is getting into gear. Enviably, as the lucky country, we have the head start of an abundance of renewable energy resources – solar and wind – and minerals critical for the production of batteries.

But transforming the economy requires skills as well as raw resources, and here Australia has a shortage and is losing ground to intense global competition.

In this week’s Jobs and Skills Summit the federal government will test their coalition building skills at the table with business and union leaders to tackle skills shortages across many sectors, including ‘future industries’.

While there is a multitude of pressing skills shortages, I believe that one skill stands out as critical to Australia’s future prosperity: that skill is flexibility.

Flexibility is central to both the transformation process and to many of the services in the new economy, making it a central theme in my new book, Amy’s Balancing Act – a tale of clean energy and the power of diversity.