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This work was funded by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) as part of the Neighbourhood Battery Initiative (NBI)

Charge up your “battery” as you travel through the stages of designing, testing, implementing, and evaluating your business model.

Design your model – this includes your business model and the operating model for the battery

Test your model – exploring the assumptions and elements of the model with partners and community, and feasibility testing

Implement your model – a timeline of things you need to attend to as you get closer to getting your battery on the ground (or up a pole!) and details on some key processes such as site selection

Evaluate your model – assessing whether your model is working and whether it’s delivering social and environmental benefits

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0 %
  • Business model design
  • Clarifying need, purpose & goals
  • Partnerships & engagement
  • Services
  • Resources
  • Regulatory & legal considerations
  • Operating models
25 %
  • Testing economic feasibility
  • Testing risks and uncertainties
  • Testing with your partners & community
  • Testing provision of network services
50 %
  • Implementation sequence & timeline
  • Governance, approvals, contracts
  • Site selection & design
  • Implementing the battery control system
  • Procurement, installation, safety & maintenance
  • End-of-life considerations
75 %
  • Social goals & impacts
  • Environmental goals & impacts
  • Network goals & impact

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