Frederik Geth

Date:            Friday, 18 June, 2021

Time:           1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Forum:         Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program Webinar

Speaker(s):  Frederik Geth, Newcastle, CSIRO Energy Centre

Location:    Online and in-person at B1.33 Seminar Room, Hanna Neumann Building 145, Australian National University

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Phase unbalance is a phenomenon in three-phase power networks that relates to voltages (or currents) magnitudes being unequal between phases, and the phase angles not being off-set by 120 degrees. Phase unbalance implies inefficient use of the network’s power transfer capabilities, as well as increased network losses.

In state estimation and optimal control problems in power systems, we naturally end up formulating mathematical optimisation problems, subject to network physics. In a power distribution context, this means we want to represent phase unbalance as part of the constraints.

In this context, Frederik Geth will talk about the physics of phase unbalance, and how it is translated to sets of mathematical equations that can be solved at scale by off-the-shelf nonlinear optimisation solvers.


  • 1.00 pm – Introduction by Lachlan Blackhall, Head, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, Australian National University
  • 1.05 pm – Presentation by Frederik Geth, Newcastle, CSIRO Energy Centre
  • 1.40 pm – Audience Q&A
  •  2:00 pm – Close

About the speaker

Frederik Geth is a research scientist working with the CSIRO in Newcastle Australia in the energy systems program. He obtained a BSc (’07), MSc (’09), and PhD (’14) from the university of Leuven in Belgium. His current research focus is applications of optimisation models in distribution network operations, including unbalanced state estimation and optimal control of battery storage systems. Frederik has been using the programming language Julia since 2015 and has contributed to a variety of open-source power system optimisation toolboxes written in Julia.

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