Sarah Paparo

Date: Tuesday, 14 September

Time: 2 – 3 pm

Forum: BSGIP seminar

Speaker(s): Sarah Paparo, Principal Consultant, Renewable Energy Hub

Location: Zoom link

Contact: Sarah Wilson, Communications Manager, mob 0478 563 281

Watch the recording here.

Contracting arrangements are necessary to underpin the transition to clean energy and broader decarbonisation. The scope for project developers and industry to secure appropriate contract arrangements will have a direct bearing on the cost, timeframe, and effectiveness of system-wide transition. 

Renewable Energy Hub works at the forefront of emergent contract markets relating to clean energy and carbon offsets. We’ve developed new contracting formats and infrastructure to optimise the risk/reward balance for energy and decarbonisation projects. We’re also exploring trading forums to achieve the transparency and liquidity benefits that come with centralisation, while retaining the flexibility and adaptivity required for innovation.


  • 5 min welcome and introduction
  • 30 min presentation 
  • 15 min facilitated Q&A  

About the speaker

Sarah first stumbled upon energy hedging while researching derivative contract market consolidation as a competition lawyer. Since then, she’s worked across a range of public and private sector organisations and on both small-scale and large-scale energy projects, including a stint coordinating a British government contract scheme that underpinned the UK’s accelerated development of offshore wind, coal-biomass substitution, and advanced waste conversion technology.