Date: Tuesday, 4 June, 2024

Time: 3.30 pm AEST

Forum: BSGIP online seminar

Speaker: Miadreza Shafie-khah, Professor and Project Leader at the University of Vaasa, Finland.

Location: Zoom

Contact: Sarah Wilson, Communications Manager, BSGIP

Watch the recording here.

In the dynamic landscape of modern energy markets, the integration of advanced technologies and the evolving role of active citizens shape the trajectory of future energy systems. This talk explores the synergy between smart city concepts and decentralized energy systems, emphasizing the pivotal role of multi-agent energy system modelling in understanding market regulations and structure. Key elements such as battery storage, grid integration, and energy system management are integral to optimizing market dynamics. As cities embrace renewable energy sources and seek to enhance grid resilience, the deployment of battery storage systems becomes increasingly vital. These systems not only facilitate the integration of intermittent renewables but also offer grid stabilization and demand response capabilities, thus contributing to market efficiency and stability.

Moreover, effective energy system modelling enables stakeholders to anticipate and navigate regulatory frameworks governing market participation, pricing mechanisms, and privacy considerations. As citizens engage with smart grids, distributed energy resources, and community-driven initiatives, they become key stakeholders in shaping market regulations while considering privacy concerns. Leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics, citizens can make informed decisions about energy consumption patterns, fostering a collaborative environment essential for sustainable urban development. Through multi-agent modelling, this empowers stakeholders with insights into market regulations, enabling the design of responsive and resilient energy infrastructures within the context of smart grids.


  • 5 min welcome and introduction by Mehdi Nikpendar, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, ANU 
  • 35 min presentation by Miadreza Shafie-khah, Professor and Project Leader at the University of Vaasa, Finland and visiting Professor at RMIT University
  • 15 min Q&A facilitated by Mehdi Nikpendar, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, ANU

About the speaker
Miadreza Shafie-khah, has core competence in demand response, electricity market, forecast and blockchain. He is a Professor (Full) at the University of Vaasa, and the Scientific Director of the Energy Business eMBA at Vaasan Yliopisto Executive Education (UvaasaExEd). He has been involved in 14 national, international and European Union projects as PI, co-PI and work package leader.