Electricity power lines

Date: 4 April 2023

Time: 2- 3pm AEST

Forum: BSGIP online seminar series

Speaker(s): Jin Han Lim, Senior Analyst, AEMO and Shira Samocha, Modelling Manager, AEMO Services Ltd.

Location: Zoom

Contact: Sarah Wilson, Communications Manager, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program

Watch the recording here.

AEMO Services Limited (ASL) is an independent subsidiary of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and was appointed by the NSW Government to be the NSW Consumer Trustee under the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020. As the Consumer Trustee, ASL is a key partner in the implementation of the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap. In this role, ASL carries out coordinated planning of long-term investment, competitive tenders to facilitate this investment, authorisation of Renewable Energy Zone transmission infrastructure, and provision of financial risk management and advice.

AEMO supports ASL by providing market modelling results and post market model calculations with the optimal timing and configuration of generation and storage infrastructure for alternative development pathways. ASL utilises electricity market modelling to inform its functions and leverages AEMO’s deep expertise in this area.

This presentation will cover context on the NSW Roadmap policy and role of the NSW Consumer Trustee, and provide insight into how electricity market modelling is used by ASL to inform its legislated functions and how this relates to AEMO’s electricity market modelling approaches.


  • 5 min welcome and introduction
  • 30 min presentation 
  • 15 min facilitated Q&A by Anna Cain, PhD candidate, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, ANU

About the speakers

Jin Han Lim is a Senior Analyst in AEMO’s Regional Development team, providing energy market modelling support for ASL, among other responsibilities. He was also previously part of the Integrated  Modelling team in AEMO, performing energy market modelling tasks related to the Integrated System Plan. Before joining AEMO, Jin worked for Energy Exemplar, the developers of the energy market modelling tool, PLEXOS. Part of his previous role include leading implementation projects and software training. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering focussing on hybrid combustion-concentrating solar power technologies.

Shira Samocha is the Modelling Manager in ASL’s System Planning and Renewable Energy Zones team. In this role she is responsible for coordinating electricity market modelling exercises for the purposes of supporting ASL’s functions and decision making, working closely with AEMO’s modelling teams. Before joining ASL, Shira worked in the NSW Government on modelling to inform energy policy, including modelling to inform the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap and the design of Long Term Energy Service Agreements. Her background is in electricity market modelling and renewable energy engineering.