Dr Chao Zhang
Dr Chao Zhang

Date:           Tuesday, 11 May, 2021

Time:           2 – 2:50 pm

Forum:        Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program Webinar

Speake:       Chao Zhang, Faculty of Science, School of Chemistry & Physics, Queensland University of Technology

Location:     Zoom link

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In situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is one of the most powerful approaches for revealing physical and chemical process dynamics at high resolutions. This seminar summarises the most recent developments in TEM techniques; in particular, how they are able to visualise various events, measure properties and solve problems in the field of energy, by revealing detailed mechanisms at the nanoscale. The related applications include use of rechargeable batteries such as lithium-ion, sodium-ion and potassium-ion, to store the energy generated by photovoltaics. To promote various applications, the methods of introducing in situ stimuli of heating, cooling, electrical biasing, light illumination and liquid and gas environments will be presented, with a focus on electrical biasing and probing. This seminar may inspire future research on new energy materials in diverse energy-related areas.


  • 2.00 pm – Introduction by Alexey Glushenkov, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, Australian National University
  • 2.05 pm – Presentation by Chao Zhang, Research Fellow, School of Chemistry & Physics, Queensland University of Technology
  • 2.35 pm – Audience Q&A
  • 2:50 pm – Close

About the speaker

Dr Zhang is an early career researcher working in the field of optoelectronic in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy. With eight years of research experience in microscopy, Dr Zhang has broad expertise in characterising diverse materials and devices. He obtained a Bachelor of Optoelectronics (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Optics Valley, China), a Master of Applied Physics, and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (completed in 2017 from University of Tsukuba, Top 10, Japan). Dr Zhang is currently a Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry and Physics at Queensland University of Technology. His research interests include: photodetectors and photovoltaics, flexible electronics and optoelectronics, strain sensors, rechargeable batteries, properties and mechanisms of nanostructures by in situ TEM, electron microscopy, nanomanipulation and nanoprobing.

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